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About Jordan Babineaux

Jordan Babineaux is an NFL star, sports broadcaster, author, and entrepreneur who helps companies and teams navigate their pivot. Jordan’s message will inspire and resonate with anyone as he shares ideas on his journey to self-mastery.

Jordan Babineaux recently transitioned from nearly a decade in the NFL to sports broadcasting, entrepreneur, author, and business executive. Jordan helps teams and companies navigate their pivot through speaking and consulting.

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Diversity: Ready for Change

Like it or not, organizations have a corporate and social responsibility to the people in the company and its community. More than ever, companies have a tremendous amount of pressure to create diversity and equity in the workplace.

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How does a company become more diverse if all its members look like one another and come from similar backgrounds?

Diversity in the workplace starts with the intangibles in a firm’s strategy. The future landscape of a more diverse workplace should consider the human capital of a company’s structure to promote alignment towards a sustainable solution.

As part of a professional sports team, diverse backgrounds were apparent, but never a barrier to achieving the team’s goal.

Pivot: Transition Better When Change Happens

Planned or unplanned, we each experience change consistently. Change is inevitable, and it can be disruptive, mostly when it happens outside of our control.

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How can we better plan for change and deploy an action plan to overcome the hurdles we go through when life and business shift?

As a professional athlete for nearly a decade, Jordan (I) faced the challenge all athletes face when retiring from sports, a career and identity change.

The Pivot Model is a tool to help plan your next pivot and identify the internal and external positions when going through change.

Ground 0, Jordan describes it as a place to re-connect with core values and a chance to re-align by focusing on the bright spots.

The key indicators Jordan shares are the tools he used to overcome the pitfalls and challenges of change. Jordan shares how the Pivot Model helped a successful transition–from a loss of self-identity to new personal discoveries and the ripple effect of change in other life areas.

Go for it: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Coming from a small town in Texas and a Division II college, Jordan had to face an uphill battle for the chance to fulfill a childhood dream of playing in the NFL. Through sheer toughness and a relentless attitude, over time, I cultivated a winning mindset.

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How does a person know how much they can achieve if they never stretch themselves beyond comfort?

From an undrafted free agent to the pains of loss, I built grit and resilience to face and overcome my most formidable challenges.

The lessons of successes and failures Jordan shares may help you unlock your real potential when setbacks derail you from accomplishing your dreams.

Practice the shift from a fixed to a growth mindset.



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